Quality flooring options
for any scenario.


LVT, laminate and vinyl are all similar flooring types, but they are all different and unique. For example, LVT and Vinyl absorb sound, but laminate is easy to put together and won’t get damaged as easily.

If you’re flooring your home you’ll need to think about the room. What are you doing in that room? Who goes in and what it’ll be used for. We’ll make sure to advise you on which selection is best for which scenario.

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We stock a variety of brands and carpet types from wool to synthetic. If you have pets we can provide and fit stain-free, and easy to clean carpet.

Carpet is very important to get right in your home. Making sure you get the right feel and look is a crucial part of the
decision process. Carpet is usually somewhere between either hard and corse underfoot, or soft and comfortable. You have a wide variety of options you can choose from to fit your tastes when purchasing a carpet with us and we’ll be there step by step to guide you through each process.

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Oak, Mahogany and Maple are just a few types of wooden flooring that we can supply for your home, all with unique features and qualities, we’ll help ensure you pick wisely.

Wooden flooring comes in many different finishes and structures. There are 5 main types of wooden flooring, Laminate, Vinyl, Parquet, Solid and Engineered. Picking the right one is not easy, and meeting the needs and requirements of the area you are wanting to floor is something to bare in mind.

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We have a lot of different flooring types built specifically for commercial use. Most contract flooring has to be suitable for particular environments, however, this doesn’t mean practical flooring can’t be aesthetically pleasing too.

We know businesses and commercial spaces have different needs, especially when it comes to flooring. You want to make sure you have the right floor for a specific environment and that that flooring will stand the test of time. Having worked with multiple local and national businesses we are always on hand to help and offer advice on what flooring solutions best comply with your everyday needs.

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